Episode 2: Han Shot First

The second episode of JGP is up!!!

Have a Happy Valentines Day!!!


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Coming up on Just Ghosting!!!

We will be talking all about Star Wars in our next episode. Everything from our favorite movies , TV shows , games and even toys. So if you love that galaxy far far away join us!!! Episode will be available next week. Enjoy your weekend.


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Video Game Doctor

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Episode 1: Year of the Geek

The first episode of our podcast is up!

We are also happy to report that that our podcast is now on iTunes!!!


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“In the works”

Been busy working on getting everything up and running in time for our first episode of our podcast. If all goes well we will have the first episode up by the 20th. Once we get into a regular schedule we hope to give you at least 2 episodes a month. We also have plans on a youtube channel.

With all the pieces falling into place, Just Ghosting will be in full force by the end of January. We all hope you will have a good time enjoying our content.


JG Team

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Man fined for Zombie themed Nativity

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Just ghosting is a place to share your love for games, movies, comics and all things geek.

We have a podcast in the works where we will share some of our interests, as well as, a youtube channel.

We hope to bring you up to date news regarding the above mentioned topics.

Thank you for visiting justghosting.com


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